Triathlon Bikes Exercise For Beginner Triathletes

32The sport of triathlon has become a hobby for many athletes thanks to numerous amateur event. The challenge of swimming, cycling and running requires a lot of training and a comprehensive equipment. For the first triathlon requires no special triathlon or a wetsuit. Who has correctly found, however fun of the sport and still want to be competitive, can not get around to a proper equipment.

A triathlon is distinguished by its long top tube geometry. By design, a triathlon bike is like a road bike, so you can make a few steps from a road bike triathlon appropriate. The most important and most effective step is the conversion from road handlebar on a triathlon handlebars. This link helps athletes to ride in an aerodynamic position. The upper body is taken it down and the wind offered as a low attack surface. Triathlon, there is no wait-or even speculative situations, driving in the slipstream is prohibited in the professional field. Therefore, there is only one thing: full throttle. In the direction indicated Triathlon attitude the best driving position is taken. Of course, you have to train driving with a triathlon handlebars, because the lower back muscles in the lumbar area most exposed. Such a burden you can not endure without training in the correct race.

Who, however, a real triathlon bikes wants to call his own, which must dig deeper into their pockets and swirl on a special frame. For the aerodynamic triathlon frames have wide and flat tubes. This will direct the wind as possible without friction around the frame. The freedom of movement of the rear wheel is reduced to a minimum, so should be avoided turbulence. The seat post and handlebars are designed with wide range of materials. Is most comparable to a triathlon supplements a time trial bike for racing events. Even when the wheels is placed on the aerodynamics large value. So most triathlon bikes reviews and triathlon cycling technique have a fully enclosed rear. The front wheel usually has four broad spokes. The material used is usually carbon, which stands for high stiffness and low weight. However, carbon wheels are not the lightest, after you have it accelerates the weight falls to no more negative. On the contrary, because the higher weight helps in maintaining high speeds. there is some triathlon transition tips and supplement. 

33Driving on a triathlon bike is getting used to, because the geometry and handling are not comparable to a road bike. By trimmed on aerodynamics frame design triathlon bikes are relatively long and therefore not exactly nimble. Here too clearly the motto: length runs. Accordingly, you sit on the triathlon very stretched what initially means an uncomfortable ride. After an acclimatization period and the structure of the relevant muscles you feel more comfortable, however. A rapid and persistent race then nothing stands in the way. Apart from the fact that must be completed before the ride even swimming.